Command Reference

Chapter 4. Command Reference

The main KGameOfLife window

The Game Menu

Game->Start (Ctrl-S)

Start next generations

Game->Stop (Ctrl-T)

Stop displaying new generations

Game->Next (Ctrl-Z)

Display the next generation only

Game->Back (Ctrl-Y)

Go back to previous generation

Game->Reset (Ctrl-R)

Start again with the choosen initial pattern

Game->Quit (Ctrl-Q)

Quit the game

The Pattern Menu

Pattern->Exploder (Alt-E)

Start with the Exploder pattern

Pattern->Pi heptomino (Alt-P)

Start with the Pi heptomino pattern

Pattern->Ship (Alt-S)

Start with the Ship pattern

Pattern->Block (Alt-B)

Start with the Block pattern

Pattern->Row (Alt-R)

Start with the Row pattern

Pattern->Glider (Alt-G)

Start with the Glider pattern

Pattern->R-Pentomino (Alt-N)

Start with the R-Pentomino pattern

Pattern->Your Own (Alt-Y)

Allow you to define your own pattern

The Speed Menu

Speed->Fastest (1)

Use the fastest speed to display new generations (every 2 tenths of a second)

Speed->Fast (2)

Use the fast speed to display new generations (every 4 tenths of a second)

Speed->Medium (3)

Use the medium speed to display new generations (every 6 tenths of a second)

Speed->Slow (4)

Use the slow speed to display new generations (every 9 tenths of a second)

Speed->Slowest (5)

Use the slowest speed to display new generations (every 1.3 second)

The Settings Menu

Settings->Show Toolbar (Alt-T)

Show/hide the toolbar. Shown as default.

Settings->Show central cell (Alt-C)

Only available when the Pattern ->Your Own submenu is chosen. Show/hide the central cell. Central cell not shown as a default.

Settings->Cell color (Alt-O)

Allow to choose the color of the cells

Settings->Cell size (Alt-S)

Allow to choose the dimension in pixels of the cell (a cell is a square)

Settings->Board size (Alt-B)

Allow to choose the board size in number of cells for each board

The Help Menu

Help->KGameOfLife Handbook (Alt-H)

Open the KGameOfLife Handbook in the KHelpCenter

Help->What's this? (Shilf-F1)

Activate the What's This feature

Help->Report Bug (Alt-R)

Opens a small dialog that allows to submit a bug report which will be added in the KDE bug database

Help->About KGameOfLife (Alt-A)

Open a small dialog with KGameOfLife info

Help->About KDE (Alt-K)

Open a small dialog with KDE version and other KDE info

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